I’m just a fellow traveller wanting to see the world a better place than it is. In this regard, I am a former human rights activist and policy advocate - the distinction being that the former relies on proactive troublemaking and the latter on proactive diplomacy. Effective interpersonal communication skills are required in both. I have lobbied in political capitals around the world and my work during those years was endorsed by global figures involved in human rights and freedom struggles. My work concentrated on East Timor, Tibet and West Papua. I truly believe that we are here to create, not to destroy, that it is the very worst thing to hurt another human being or any other form of life. Just as bad to destroy our environment and our culture. All creatures great and small are dependent upon a vibrant web of life. Upon retiring from my human rights work, I spent the next decade with severe burnout and depression. In fact, my life has been characterized by depression and PTSD since I was eight years old - another story, another time. I know I am not alone in this, that the world is often a hard place to be in. I’m now back in the saddle so to speak, concentrating on my own creativity for a while. The writings on this website will change from time to time. Many thanks for visiting. — JA PUBLISHED WORKS BRIEF BIO Jim Aubrey has been published in several mediums - poetry, short fiction, and human rights feature articles and opinion pieces - in newspapers, journals and magazines and books. This includes: Free East Timor (Editor), Vintage 1998 Between Darkness and Dawn, Poetry, Pigeon Books 2000 I am NOT the Greatest, Poetry/Performance CD, Pigeon Books 2002 Website Navigation Use the left-hand side tabs to navigate to the pages on this website.